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You have come to the right place for an incrEDIBLE selection of sweets for your special event. You can present your guests with visually stunning and delectable cake, cupcakes, Lali Pops or sugar bites that will enhance any wedding, birthday, anniversary, or celebration. Let your good taste in choosing sweets from the Lalique Sugar Boutique be the talk of the party long after the party is over! Lalique Sugar Boutique offers the highest possible customer satisfaction and will always exceed your expectations! 

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What's New?!

We are now offering a "Simply Buttercream" line. See the Pricing page for more details.

Cake Push Pops Are Now Available

Lalique is now offering dessert cakes!
See the pricing page for more info.
Sock It To Me Bundt Cake

Have you tried our
Lali Pops & Sugar Bites!!!
 Delicious cake mixed with icing, rolled into a ball and dipped in CHOCOLATE candy coating!
See The Pricing Page for more info!
Lali Pops! 
Sugar Bites!

Amazing Cupcake Stands
For Rent!!!
Use the top tier for a small cake!
Display your Cake & Cupcakes with Style.